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Our Team

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Network Owner

Treebo started off with a small minecraft server in June of 2018.
It started off with just 3 servers that ran a few gamemodes like Skygrid, Skyblock and Survival.
Now he is looking to expand his horizons with adding new games to the Treebo Network.

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Network Admin

Robert has been apart of the Treebo Netowork helping Treebo start his minecraft server in the early stages.
Although since Treebo was unable to continue Robert took up the reins to maintain the server for Treebo and act as his second in command until he is available enough to take charge again.

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Forums Manager

C4 Joined the Minecraft server in Mid August as a normal player looking for a Australian server to play on. Outside of the gaming world he likes to do website developement and coding (Mainly HTML, CSS and JS). Although he has experience with other languages HTML and CSS are his best and loves to do Web Developement.

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Systems Admin

Shake joined the Treebo team as a T-Helper on our minecraft server in early October. Although he was glad for this position he felt that his role could be put to better use and he quickly became the Developer for the minecraft server. He is now the Senior Developer who helps with all coding relatedand developement projects.